more international students

A leap in the number of international undergraduate students at Victoria University of Wellington reflects its growing reputation as a globally ranked capital city university.

The first trimester (March June) of 2018 has seen 32 percent more international undergraduates begin studying at the University compared with the same period last year.

The University has also seen a more than 10 percent increase in canada goose outlet uk sale new international Master’s, postgraduate diploma and postgraduate certificate students.

In total, including PhDs and students at Victoria University as part of exchange and other international programmes, 986 international students have started at the University this year.

In 2017, there cheap canada goose new york were 3,548 new and continuing international students at the University, and data indicates this number will be significantly higher for 2018.

“We have students from 114 countries a broader range than ever before,” says Assistant Vice Chancellor (International) Julia Innocente Jones.

“Our established markets canada goose outlet are growing and canada goose uk outlet we’ve moved into new regions canada goose outlet reviews like Latin America and, canada goose outlet more recently, Russia. China is still our biggest cohort but we’ve also received students from all over the rest of Asia as well as the United States and Europe. India is a key canada goose shop new york city growth market for us and we’re doing really well in Malaysia and Vietnam.

“We feel so honoured that, out of 18,000 canada goose outlet legit universities around the world they could have attended, these students have chosen Victoria University, so we do everything possible to ensure they receive an excellent education and have the best experience possible.”

As well as contributing to Wellington’s economy, the international students add to its multicultural vibrancy, says Ms Innocente Jones.

Many factors canada goose shop robbed have led canada goose outlet toronto location to them choosing Victoria University, canada goose black friday offers she says, starting with the canada goose clearance quality and relevance of the University’s teaching and courses.

The University’s international standing is also important in the latest QS World University Subject Rankings it is among the top one percent of universities in the world for 17 subjects and in the top two percent of universities overall.

With students from so many countries and nearly half its academic staff also from overseas, the University offers a diverse and inclusive canada goose repair shop environment, says Ms Innocente Jones.

The global mix and atmosphere is good for international and domestic students alike, she says.

“Not only do international students get a New Zealand experience when they come here but they have access and exposure to so many different cultures and languages. They learn so much. And our domestic students learn from them as well. It’s so beneficial for all our students.”

The University offers a free extracurricular Victoria International Leadership Programme, which also has had a record number of participants this year.

“The International Leadership Programme is a strong canada goose rossclair uk unique selling point canada goose online uk reviews for us canada goose outlet new york with international students. They really pick up on it because they see how it enables them to develop as global citizens,” says Ms Innocente Jones.

Wellington’s reputation as a safe, affordable and accepting city with lots of easy to access outdoor and cultural attractions is important too, she says, along with the University’s close links to government, the law, business and other sectors of the capital.

Pathways to studying at Victoria University offered by the Victoria Foundation Studies Programme taught by ACG New Zealand International College have also contributed to international undergraduate growth, and the University is working closely with high schools in Wellington and elsewhere canada goose outlet california in New Zealand to enable their international students to continue on to study at the University.