Anyways, though some of you notice crazy psycho tryhard Jen in an adverse light, I have a look at crazy psycho tryhard Jen in a positive light.

a cup half kind that is full of, y’know? Alrighty, let’s make contact with the celebration.

Jen slurs more expletives at Meredith and storms out from the party. Heather would go to chase after her, yet not before telling the women to help keep the food right where it really is. Heather knows how exactly to manage Jen on a rampage, that is to allow her do her thing, say ‘I like you,’ and then leave her the hell alone afterwards.

Next, we have a montage associated with women’s responses to Jen’s foul behavior at Whitney’s celebration, and wait, what’s this? Lisa and Heather are lunching together? I must have missed the moment that is big Lisa finally acknowledged Heather most likely those years of Mariah Carey-ing her.

Straight straight Back at Meredith’s home, Meredith explains the drama to her son Brooks, and Brooks appears more concerned with the digital digital camera hitting the proper perspectives of their face. (I know everybody is UGH about Brooks, but I’m finding their famewhorery amusing.)

Meredith is currently at A park that is fancy city, and Lisa rolls in together with her enormous sunglasses.

They look at some tacky opulence art which is not my jam AFTER ALL, after which Meredith gets serious. She breaks the news headlines to Lisa that she and Seth are divided, and also this may be the time that is first seen Lisa have feeling whatsoever. They will have a sweet minute and hug on the unfortunate news.

Next, we have a good consider Mary’s mansion, in addition to spot is decked down with Christmas time designs. Mary greets Lisa in the home, and I also gotta say…Mary’s ensemble isn’t totally BONKERS this time around, and I’m a small disappointed. Needless to say, Lisa independently snarks on Mary’s “eclectic” interior decor because that’s whom Lisa is: a pure grade shit talker. Robert Jr. strolls in to the kitchen area, open-mouthed and bored stiff, while the women ask him exactly exactly what he got their girlfriend that is new for. A Prada purse mail order husband!? Damn, that 17-year-old is spending some MONAY.

Lisa and Mary talk about the ’20s celebration, and neither of them can find out why Jen ended up being therefore upset with Meredith. Mary believes Jen is with in competition along with her, therefore the animosity. This woman is nevertheless reeling through the f***er that is“grandfather comment and can’t determine on whether or not to ask Jen to a celebration she’s throwing. Mary informs Lisa this will be a situation that is“no-win-win” and Reader, I laughed.

Over at Heather’s home, Jen and Heather have heart-to-heart that is little a part of sushi.

Heather is focused on her buddy, but in addition a little jealous that Jen has got the balls to misbehave in public places. LOL. I will be loving Heather’s obsession with being a negative woman. (Sorry, can’t help it to!)

Jen’s been having a hard time coping along with her father’s loss of this past year and it is extremely lonely during soccer period. She claims she sets for a great front side, but inside she’s just a home of cards teetering within the wind. I’ve see the tea leaves, plus they are telling me that Jen and Sharrieff’s wedding is on shaky ground.

Jen breaks the headlines to Heather about Meredith’s separation therefore we flashback two months to whenever Meredith informed her about this.

She formerly held this information under her cap, however now that Meredith stuck Jen aided by the blade of BETRAYAL, she gets revenge on Meredith by spilling the beans. Heather is surprised, and she can’t think just just how cool being a cucumber Meredith happens to be while her wedding is imploding.