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cheap jerseys This year, for MND Awareness Week, local councils and firms will “Shine a Light on MND” by lighting landmarks in blue. Here, one sufferer tells us his storyEvery Saturday Donald “Donza” Miller catches the Celtic supporters bus with friends to go to the match.But while he used to hop on and enjoy the banter, he now has to be carried on by two fellow fans and longs to chatter like he used to.Motor Neurone Disease has robbed him of the power of his legs and now his speech and a lot of his upper body movement.Top of his bucket list would be to get the chance to meet Celtic’s invincible team, who won the Treble this year.Like Celtic hero Jimmy “Jinky” Johnstone before him, he knows MND will take his life but his determination to remain positive may be why he is still alive nine years after his diagnosis when the average lifespan is just 14 months.Read MoreDonza, 53, played amateur football for 23 years and was a fit man when he was struck down with the condition.He first became aware there was something wrong when he began to drag his foot.Wife Michelle, 52, who interprets for him, said: “He thought it was just a trapped nerve but he still went to work for a while.”He was a moulder for Gulf Coast Seal but eventually his foot deteriorated so badly he was forced to give up working.”It took six months before he was diagnosed with the fatal condition on his daughter Danielle’s 16th birthday and just weeks later he was in a wheelchair.At the start of MND Awareness Week, Michelle and Donza opened their hearts about his condition.Michelle said: “People don’t know how to deal with Donza. People kept asking me instead of asking him directly and this was even before he couldn’t talk any more.Read More(Image: Phil Dye/Daily Record)”I think that was the hardest part for him. cheap jerseys

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