It could be paid off already, it could have been a gift or free on a shared family plan, it could be their only consistent access to reliable internet file storage and therefore has to work well for a couple years. Yea some bro who shells out for the latest model just because it shiny is obviously an idiot, but I suspect that not the case as often as people judge it to be.And yes, I always pay my bills on time, but I almost nothing left to save, and some months I lose money.I been working nonstop since I was 16 to help at home (broken home) and at the same time I studied a bachelor and a master degree, not losing one year and with excellent grades.So now come tell me what the hell I done wrong with my life to end up living in this misery (other than having no familial support and no contacts), tell me the system is not fucking broken.I have a master degree and a good job, but here I am living a life of relative austerity and my years are just ticking by with no change in quality of life. My credit cards will never be at zero, nor will my student loans.

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