Dean’s Award for Women in ScienceDean’s Award for Social JusticeDean’s Award for Environmental JusticeDean’s Award for Creativity and CommunityDean’s Award for Global SustainabilityDean’s Award for Women in ComputingDean’s Award for Women in MathematicsDean’s Award for Women in TechnologyThese awards are based on academic merit and are intended to support graduate students in making contributions to their field of study. The maximum value of the award is $3000. There is no deadline and no applications are required for these awards.

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Dancing in the Streets, which springs choreography from the prison of conventional theaters, celebrated its 20th anniversary by commissioning the site specific specialist Stephan Koplowitz to tackle half a dozen celebrated New York City staircases. The result was The Grand Step Project, which I visited at the location most familiar (and dear) to me side effects of steroids, the broad steps fronting the imposing Beaux Arts faade of the New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street Lion Library as it affectionately known, being guarded by the magisterially leonine marbles steroids for men, Patience and Chastity. Overlooking Fifth and thus offering a fine view of the passing parade of life in midtown, these steps are often inhabited least in decent weather construction workers and office workers (chatting desultorily as they consume their brown bag or take out lunches), students steroids for men, lovers, tourists, and folks whose feet or spunk have simply given out en route..

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